Mr Punch meets Spymonkey and learns to vlurt.


It may be hard to remember the 70s. It’s said if you can remember them you weren’t doing it right. Of course you may also be too young:

It was the era of punk and revolution was in the air; or so we all thought. It was a time when it was transgressive for women to be funny in public still. It was a time of demonstrations in the street an emerging counter culture or so we thought…

Chris Lynam reminded me recently, in his interview here on Clown Power Live, that it was a defiant act to perform in public and that fades into perspective in the current climate of fear where being in public is defiant. Chris also mentioned the changes that our almost cashless society have made on performers ”passing the hat” .

Our discussions here on Clown Power Live have ranged from the art of being a funny person like Simon Thompson to a glimpse into the world of our history when women started to perform in the world of physical prowess in tumbling and aerial acts. (See details of Charlie Holland’s fascinating talk here).

Very soon we have Caroline Dream talking about her more recent journey into clowning and soon we hope to augment this with a glimpse into the ground breaking work of the women comedy ensemble Cunning Stunts.

While Johnny Rotten was demonstrating that anyone could get up on a stage and make music we discovered that with a small repertoire of tricks and skill in our bags we could also be entertainers. It takes skills to gather a crowd and keep their attention but these skills are best learnt by doing rather than reading or talking about it.

Other upcoming interviews include circus clown Tweedy and funny woman Teresa (picture above), a star clown who subverts a fabulous female punch figure and who’s work has covered protest, punk and the art of training fleas: physical comedy meets a multi faceted actor/performer.

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