Tony Lidington

Tony Lidington

Tony Lidington (Dr) AKA Uncle Tacko! – 40 years as a Showman and as ‘Uncle Tacko!’ – ‘The Pierrotters’, ‘Poppets Puppets’, ‘Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus’ & ‘Raree Man & his Peepshow’.

Tony has a Phd in ‘Itinerant British Performance’, he’s a part-time lecturer at the University of Exeter. He’s also a researcher & broadcaster about British popular entertainment forms.

His web sites: &

He likes slightly slightly bigger print these days. Currently reading: Blackface Minstrelsy in Britain, Pickering 978-0-7546-5859-7 also Acrobats & Mountebanks by Le Roux & Garnier (1890)

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