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NB: Please hide from the view of idiots and narrow sighted people.

We started on a Wednesday and return again this week on Wednesday with series 3. This is a kind of sewn together Wensletter in a way. Maybe it’s a ‘News-sewn-wensletter’. Ah, maybe ‘The Nettler’ will keep anagram nerds really happy. I do think it fits somehow, we clowns provoke if we can and we can sting the unwary…

Artrage & Rebranding from Z to A: I discovered that the names Clown Power Live & Zoo Logical were confusing some people. I decided to change the name, to simplify and chose ‘Artrage’ as the new name for me to operate “under”.

Artrage is in quotes because it’s a notional entity. It’s like a company but a one person company: me! My collaborator and chief supporter had to leave unexpectedly so that signalled a natural pause. It’s given me time to see my offspring, tend my garden and attend to my dreams…

Our sessions over the last few months have gathered some momentum and I want to keep that going. I received lots of feedback about Clown Power Live sessions and all of it positive. There have been upsets and entanglements, largely they have been untangled. I hope with time they all are.

Stevie Offspring

I mentioned being a one person company and Artrage is, at the same time i operate with support from the micro-community of fantastical helpers: the panels of people; the people who have agreed to turn the camera on their work. Behind the scenes there have been another layer of helpers who have given technical and practical help: I’m grateful to all of you, not least my late mother who gave me her computer that is still my portal to my online liminal world, she bought it new when she was 90!

There is a balance of probabilities: my own takeaways include; a sense of satisfaction and some stress. In fanatical terms, here is a peak at where I spend money:

  • Internet access.
  • Software subscriptions, including, Zoom, academic journal access, surveys, specialist apps.
  • Domain name registration.
  • Website hosting cost.
  • Hardware purchases; cables, mouses.
  • Major hardware replacement (long term).
  • office supplies. Coffee mainly but bickys too.
  • sweeties.

Developing Themes: Clown, Trickster & Transgression.

When I started the Clown Power online discussion group 8 years ago, I started using the phrase ‘Clown Power’. I was thinking to myself, “What is the hidden superpower of clowns?”. The answer, I whispered to myself at the start was, “creativity”. That morphed over time to: “autonomy”. I saw the vital difference from acting was that a clown was in charge of their own actions: they might write, direct and play their “character” to the public; what they did was their responsibility, there was no publisher or manager to take the blame for any transgressions. They stood by what they did. cf: acting and actions.

I found over time, this whispers morphed to the word “trickster”. The trickster has been argued to be the experience of “consciousness in action” (Yarrow 2006). The trickster figure appears in many culture in many forms; in stories and tied to the role of healer or shaman, a fluid idea between priest, clown, idiot and medic.

Now I’m focusing my definition and research on Trickster. When I performed, I sensed the cathartic healing effect on a audience and I experienced a very immediate personal healing effect. If this was the effect of dopamine or some mysterious group bonding from the transient micro community that formed for the performance I have no idea. I know for sure I felt better and increased clarity. Even now, I only have to recall those moments to feel an increase of mental well being.

Request for proposalsAn Audience Of One –
We’re holding a series of events for a paying audience of one.
Propose a short or durational piece. Anything you think will be watchable online.
People will be booking based on your ‘elevator pitch’.
Send a 2 sentence paragraph, details, cost and an image our form, sent on request.

I require:

  • email
  • Background:
  • Social profiles:
  • availability
  • The Proposal in a paragrah.
  • The elevatoe pitch in 2 setences.
  • How long is it:
  • Is it Transitional or durational?
  • Is it original? (yes/No!)
  • How much would you propose to charge per show?

Reply to this email (clik reply!) for more details with 121Artrage in the subject line. I will judge you.

Future Perfect
I’ll continue with the online seminar series. Episode 1 of series 3 breaks on Wednesday

The Three Strand Plaits:

  • ‘Transgression’ covers all kinds of crossing boundaries gender, legal,
  • Interviews or ‘deep dives’ into peoples careers.
  • ‘Practical Clown’ will be a new strand of stage craft, history and pedagogy.

The Big Occupy & Celebratory Times
I’m now celebrating the ‘big occupy’ as I‘ve decided we’ll call in in retrospect.
As in, “mummy, we’re you alive in the time of the Big Occupy? Tell us a story about how it changed the whole world for the good”.

I’m trying to conceptualise it as a meditation retreat for the whole world and then a bursting out of creativity and sharing; money fades as we realise the trade in tangibles like local produce, skills and empathetic contact are of more value.

Enough of my dreams. What to do next?

With Gravitation Levity:

Write a proposal now & then book a place on our next 3 week series that includes:

  • Dr. Maggie Irving,
  • Didi Hopkins,
  • Proffesor Terese Verney-Hobbs,
  • Donald Lehn,
  • Moshe Cohn
  • Dr Olly Crick
  • Charlie Holland
  • Tony Lidington

Over 7 sessions they will between them cover: Commedia, Mr Punch, performing fleas and all kinds of Clowns crossing all kinds of borders. Don’t miss getting a free ringside seat: sign up for the whole series soon. For now:

This Wednesday, 3rd of June, Dr. Maggie Irving and Professor Queen-Bee, AKA Teresa Verney Brookes who also has a flea circus. Also variously known as The Tree Doctor and Professor Smartypants, she uses these persona as conduits to subtly teach complex environmental issues and topics in silly, but accessible ways. Also co founder and part of ‘The Disappointing Clown Company’.

This it! You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Jun 3, 2020 21:00 Dublin. A total of 6 sessions, 2 a week. check times carefully
Topic: Clown Power Live – Series 3 Artrage
How much; Free! Donation encouraged.

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