Supporters of Team Zoo

Do support Clown Power Live at
Suggested donation €4. You could think of it as buying Dave and Sascha a hot drink in a café. €8 a month might go towards some cake.

People who have pledged a regular amount each month to whom we are most grateful:

Duncan Cameron
Flat hat
Franki Anderson
Piero Grandinetti
rikki jacout
Yvette Menard
John Lee

Do feel free to join them:

Become a Patron!

One off donations from which are lovely too. often out of thre blue and we love every one, large or massive:

Dafe Bullock
Charlotte Parry-Jones
Sarah Slater
Jyoti Vennix
Jose Rodriguez
Emema Sifa
Lexi Strauss
Adrian Barker
Hilary Chaplain
Duncan Cameron
G Carrol
Antonella Casella
Jon Davison
Rachel Kimro

If you’d like to send some lolly for sweets:

Please do click here to send via PayPal

These lists both need updates…as we’ve had a good few more in the last days, apologies

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