Moshe Cohen

Moshe – Peter Cunningham, photographer

Moshe, a.k.a. Mr. YooWho, is the founder of Clowns Without Borders – USA. Since 1987, he has performed in Burma, Kosovo, South Africa, Nepal, Guatemala, Haiti, Croatia, Chiapas (Mexico), South Sudan, and Baton Rouge, LA. Moshe continues to perform and teach internationally. Over the past 25 years, he has given over 2000 performances in over 30 countries. He teaches workshops exploring the expression of personal humor through physical theater and contemporary clown. Moshe has most recently performed with CWB – USA in Guatemala.

Moshe Cohen creates,  performs and teaches in the world of ‘the funny.’  For 38+ years now, he has pursued excellence in the elusive art form called Clown, seeking to bring more lightness and laughter into the world through his actions,  be it as a teacher, a performer or actor.

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