Ira Seidenstein

Ira photo by: Caspar Schjelbred

Teacher/Director Freelance theatre practitioner since 1973.

​Ira Seidenstein has worked in over 140 live productions.
After working in Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo he created such projects as: 

  • The Madness of King Lear (Avignon, Edinburgh);
  • The Book of Clown (Adelaide 2017), 
  • Commedia Toto (Italy); 
  • Cubist Clown Cavalcade (Paris): 
  • A Flower of the Lips (Sydney);

…and directed 18 actors in the uncut Antony & Cleopatra​ (Sydney).

He has also worked in 20 Shakespeare productions including 10 of the plays such as:
directing Henry the Fifth with 12 women;
10 adaptations including his comedy A Girl’s Guide to Hamlet​.

In 2012/13 Ira was in Slava’s Snowshow in Europe and Australia.

As a veteran performer he has trained 6 years in the Suzuki Actor Training Method and worked in ten Suzuki style productions. He has portrayed over 75 clown characters including: Corteo‘s White Clown and Dead Clown and playing “Harlequin” over an 8 years span.

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