CPL S02E07 Tweedy captured live!

Tweedy is interviewed by Simon Thompson

Tweedy examined

Tweedy is best known for his role in Giffords circus, for over ten years he has brought new comic routines to the show each year. He is accomplished in most circus skills, magic and is proficient at playing various musical instruments. Today, he talks to fellow clown Simon Thompson about his illustrious career:

Also live-streamed and a recording available on YouTube after the event. See link below.


… is best known for his role in Giffords circus; for over a decade he has brought new comic routines to the show each year. He is accomplished in most circus skills, magic and is proficient playing many musical instruments.

He also perennially headlines pantomimes, has won many comedy awards and his talents are in demand both at home and abroad in circus, theatre, TV and film.

Tweedy was featured clown on Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey shows for 2 years playing prestigious venues like Madison Square Garden and The Staples Centre, LA. He started his circus career with Zippos Circus back in 1994.

He has created his own stage shows Tweedy’s Lost Property, Tweedy’s Magic and Mayhem, Tweedy’s House of Fun, Tweedy’s Illusion, Confusion, most recently Tweedy Presents Sherlock Homes which have had sell out audiences, standing ovations and received critical acclaim.

Tweedy is currently doing an online show every Wednesday.

Simon Thompson:

Simon is a performer, director and teacher, he began clowning as boy but later took it seriously and trained with Jacque LeCoq and Philip Gaulier. Along with being a practicing artist he is currently a Lecturer on the M.A. Festive Arts at the university of Limerick and is also researching for a PhD (Developing Creative Pedagogies through Mask and Clown).

After years of touring with circuses, festivals and a variety of theatre companies, in 2014 Simon began to write a Clown Trilogy as three separate shows. Part 1 “Clown Noir, This is me” was first up. Then in 2015, “Peines d’amour perdues” an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labours Lost”, and in 2016 “Nose Business”. Some of his more recent projects include a metaphysical mask exploration of Australian Indigenous Peoples Stories; “Altjeringa” performed by Lucy Dawson as a gestural etude at the Irish World Academy.

He tours a clown adaptation of “The Millers Tale” and also “Lifted Up” a full-mask performance that highlights the difficulties of sensory overload in adults who are diagnosed with A.S.D.

Read more here: http://www.clownnoir.ie/

Simon was previously interviewed on Clown Power Live by Charlie Holland.

Zoo Logical Team:

Sascha Goslin:

Is an independent producer, focusing on outdoor work, circus and accessible shows. When not producing she can be found studying clown, puppetry and… accountancy.

Dave Spathaky:

a greybeard circus performer. He produces zoom video webinars. He started performing in The Amazing Mendezies, a comedy double act in Covent Garden, London in 1981. He co-founded circus theatre company Ra-Ra Zoo in 1984. He holds the world record for spinning 108 dinner plates at once and started a new career as a circus community builder last in April; he says he’s been training for the role all his life.

Dave also curates the Clown Power discussion group since 2012 on http://facebook.com/groups/clownpower with over 3,000 members.

All previous episodes of Clown Power Live are at the ZooLogical channel at  https://www.youtube.com/c/DaveSpathaky

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