CPLS02E06 Caroline Dream

Funny woman Caroline Dream, is the author of ‘The Clown In You’, a leading reference in the world of clown and clown pedagogy. On sunday she is interviewed by Sascha Goslin on Clown Power Live.

Clown Power Live S02E06 Caroline Dream:

Zoom webinar on: 17 May, 2020 12:00 Dublin

Caroline Dream:

Caroline has performed in festivals and theaters throughout Spain with her shows “Footless” and “Just Say Yes!” and with Alex Navarro in “Niu Adventurs”, as well as throughout Europe with “Primigenio” with Cia. Teatro de Pronto

She’s a graduate of the University of Exeter (UK) with a B.A in Theatre and trained at Fooltime Circus School (Bristol, UK) and with performance legends including Dario Fo, Nola Rae, Michel Dallaire, Eric de Bont, Avner The Eccentric, Bim Mason, David Glass and Carlo Bosso.

Caroline has taught clown since 1998 throughout Spain and internationally in New York & Las Vegas U.S.A. for Cirque du Soleil artists, in Portugal, Germany, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. She’s taught more than 250 courses for over 4000 students and also teaches Corporate Clown Training workshops.

ZooLogical Team:
Sascha Goslin
…is an independent producer, focusing on outdoor work, circus and accessible shows. When not producing she can be found studying clown, puppetry and… accountancy.
Dave Spathaky
..is a greybeard circus performer. He produces zoom video webinars. He started performing in The Amazing Mendezies, a comedy double act in Covent Garden, London in 1981. He co-founded circus theatre company Ra-Ra Zoo in 1984. He holds the world record for spinning 108 dinner plates at once and started a new career as a circus community builder in April 2020: he says he’s been training for the role all his life.

Dave also curates the Clown Power discussion group since 2012 on http://facebook.com/groups/clownpower with over 3,000 members.

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