CPLS02E00 Announcing

‘Spy Clown’ Designer: W.Swierzy 1979.

We have a great new series lined up. On Sunday 26th of April at 12 noon Dublin time we launch Series 2 of Clown Power Live.

Series 1 was a 7 episode whirlwind and featured a variety of formats with over 20 panelists taking part.

Series 2 is looking into the far corners of Clown Power including ‘The Fool’, ‘Comedia Saves The World’ and ’The Clown as Protester’. A heady mix of practitioners, experts and surprise gusts. Along the way we encourage feedback via a survey and directly by email; send in you ideas!

We also will also be having an Open Space type discussion where attendees can suggest topics and break into smaller groups.

A change for this series is that you will have to register for each episode. It’s a drag but the good news is that a Patreon pledge will get you priority booking. https://www.patreon.com/zoological

Stay in the loop via the Clown Power facebook group or via this newsletter.

Stay funny & stay safe.

Love Dave – zoological.ie

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