CPLS01E03 Men Clowns 1

I’d like to thank everyone again for taking part:

Back story: This is a panel of my heroes. I first saw Avner at Jackson’s Lane when I worked there when I was 20! It was the mime festival. I’m now 66. Avner is over 200 years old. I saw him in New York, off Broadway in the mid 80s. Don Lehn gave me my first performing job as a Weetabix Clown in the 80s. We don’t talk about that by mutual agreement. Howard taught me jazz club passing and the troupe of jugglers that he helped form was inspirational for me. Olly told me I was an academic relatively recently which I still deny but he has been a gentle support and inspiration for years & years. Maggie is a more recent online friend who’s work on Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven is extraordinary. She’s help to reveled another hidden icon from the last century’s canon of creative clowns. Maggie then created a homage to Elsa and performed a live intervention at the Tate Modern museum in England. Ref:

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