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** MORE Tip-top Clowns Spill Beans – AGAIN! **

On Sundays at 12 noon and Wednesdays at 9pm (Dublin) there’s an online public discussion of goals and tactics: a panel of top clowns, clown teachers and academics will workshop ideas about their craft in public. Clown Power is a secretive cabal of comedy performers who’ve been working for the last decade to take over. They’re on the brink:

Today! Clown Power Live S01E02 – “The Commonwealth Edition” is at 9pm (Dublin) 01.04.2020 (21:00). ***

It will last about an hour or so (time zone constraints).

Maggie Irving is on audience warmups. * Antonella with be Ring Boss/chair.

There will be a toilet break and announcements half way. * Audience member on Zoom will be able to ask the panel member questions via chat. * There’s a live YouTube feed at the same time…

Sue Morrison from Canada, is on of the worlds most renowned clown teachers. Her ‘clown through mask’ workshops have enabled several generations of transgressive performers. –

Mooky Cornish, also from Canada, has toured with Canada’s largest circus corporation and with her own amazing solo show. In her spare time she like to eat chocolate biscuits and teach.

Emma Maye Gibson (AKA Betty Grumble) is a Sydney based performance artist. – Maggie Irving, UK, is a clown, teacher and researcher with a ‘Practice as Research’ PhD in becoming a female clown. She’s passionate about clowning and bringing the art of clowning into stand up comedy, business and life.

Clare Bartholomew has been performing, writing, directing, teaching and producing new work in Australia and internationally for more than 20 years.

Antonella Casella is an influential circus advocate, producer, director, dramaturg and performer. She works part time for renowned Australian company, Circus Oz where she is Senior Artistic Associate.

Angela de Castro has been performing since she was 17 years old, beginning in her native Brazil. She was a member of the original cast of the ground-breaking show ‘Macunaima’ (1977-1980), which changed the face of Brazilian theatre and played to an audience of over ½ million people in Brazil alone. She presently teaches, performs and dreams in London. **

The Clown Power series of discussions is produced by Dave Spathaky of Zoo Logical for Clown Power.

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Here’s the https://www.paypal.me/DavidSpathaky I’ll see you all on the other side of this, stay safe and juggle. –

Ring is circus slang for the performing er… ring. It’s 42 feet across. Also the answer to everything. –

Boss is Dutch in origin and is a bastardization of the Dutch “base.” Its use was a uniquely American way of avoiding the word “master,” which had quickly become associated with slavery by the mid-19th century.

CPLS01E01 Women Clowns 1

**Tip-top Clowns Spill Beans!**

Here’s the video from last Sunday’s online panel discussion.

We five clowns from very different backgrounds gathered to speak about how it is to be a female clown. The panel members were: * Sue Broadway is a director, academic and teacher of circus and physical theatre. She also performs as a clown, compere, eccentric juggler and Vaudevillian. She’s interested in the intersection between Clown, feminism, aging and caring and is wondering where next.

Debra Battton is a Performer / Director of Circus and Physical Theatre based in Melbourne, Australia. Debra is interested in experiments with theatrical forms including Circus Dance Text and Improvisation. She has over thirty years of professional experience including leading Legs on the Wall as Artistic Director for ten years.

Maggie Irving is a clown, teacher and researcher with a ‘Practice as Research’ PhD in becoming a female clown. A Clown Doctor! Passionate about clowning in everyday life, and bringing the art of clowning into stand up comedy, business and beyond.

Peta Lily is a prolific devising performer who often uses autobiographical material in her work; clown-informed, mixed with spoken word, song and gently wry satire. She directs, leads independent workshops & is a Visiting Lecturer at leading drama schools in London.

Holly Stoppit is a facilitator, performance skills teacher, theatre director, dramatherapist and clown academic, specialising in live, interactive, improvised and devised performance. At the heart of all of Holly’s work is a desire to promote creative discovery and connection through play.

The discussion was chaired by Vicki Amedume from Upswing Aerial and produced by Dave Spathaky for Clown Power.

This is the first of a series of discussions between clowns, to find out more join the Clownpower Fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ClownPower Or check out the Website: http://zoological.ie

Clown Power admin team: Shakti Greener, Sascha Goslin, Don Lehn, Pete Turner, Adrian Barker.

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