Request for proposals – An Audience Of One

Artrage: An Audience Of One

We’re holding a series of events for a paying audience of one.
You’re invited to propose a short or durational piece. Anything you think will be watchable online.
People will be booking based on your ‘elevator pitch’.
Send a 2 sentence paragraph, details, cost, a longer description and an image on our form, sent on request.

I require:

  • email
  • Background:
  • Social profiles:
  • availability
  • The Proposal in a paragrah.
  • The elevator pitch in 2 setences.
  • How long is it:
  • Is it Transitional or durational?
  • Is it original? (yes/No!)
  • How much would you propose to charge per show?

For more detail and a link to the form: email me with 121Artrage in the subject line. I will judge you.

If you’re lost, here is an example out of my head:
The audience (of one) buy a ticket for an available time slot. They receive and email from you (the artist) in which you propose at the start time they imagine the performance you will be doing for 3 minutes, they don’t see it.
At the time you record with a camera your performance for 3 minutes. A few minutes later you compare notes online (via chat or email or zoom).
Afterwards they can watch what you actually did.

That is all 😛

Love Dave

Questions & queries in the comments please!

2 Replies to “Request for proposals – An Audience Of One”

  1. I think I love the idea but think I understood the plan better before your example than after ! Um… it live this performance? We can’t see/interact with the people as they are watching it ? Have I got anything right yet ?

    1. Everything is the right answer. You propose an idea. The example was a high end conceptual performance. There’s a spectrum of ideas between that example and say; a 3 minute juggling act.

      I’m just slightly hinting at which end my preferences lie…. 😛

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